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  • JPEG is an image format that uses lossy compression. You can adjust the degree of compression and find the right balance between the smallest file size and the best image quality. The JPEG format is a de facto standard for storing full color images, especially photographs. For instance, any up-to-date digital camera lets you save photos as JPEG files, which can be opened in any image editor or viewer.
  • BMP, also known as Device Independent Bitmap (DIB), is a well-known bitmap graphics format. It is device independent; for example, a BMP file created in Windows Paint can be easily opened in an image viewer bundled with Linux or Mac OS. An image stored in the BMP format can be of any size, resolution, or color. BMP supports transparency and allows one to edit single pixels. The major drawback of the format is a huge file size.
Converter JPG to BMP online version.

Image Assistant lets you batch-convert *.JPG into *.BMP in one click. It provides a fast and easy way to convert JPG images, which is good both for hobbyists and for professional digital photographers. Download the free version now!














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