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  • BMP is a native image format in Windows. For example, it may be used for simple images created in the MS Paint graphics editor and for wallpaper images. Note that photographs saved in the BMP format are not compressed and may take a lot of disk space.
  • The TIFF format was developed by Aldus for its graphics editor, PhotoStyler. As a universal format for storing raster images, TIFF is widely used in desktop publishing systems, where the highest image quality is required. Thanks to its compatibility with most professional image editors, TIFF is very handy for exchanging images between different platforms (for example, you may send graphics files from PC to Mac, or vice versa).

Image Assistant lets you easily convert multiple BMP files into a multi-page TIFF file.

1. Download, install, and launch Image Assistant.
2. Click the Add Images button and select the BMP files to be converted.
3. Click the Next button and select "TIFF" in the drop-down menu.
4. Click the Convert button.

Converter BMP to TIFF online version.

Image Assistant is a feature-rich converter of graphics formats, which also supports batch mode processing. Download the free version for Windows now!














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